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What will our students learn?
At NXTLVL, students have the opportunity to practice and develop future-critical skills such as critical thinking, complex problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides the foundation for the development of these soft skills, which in turn contribute to the construction and refinement of mental models. Mental models, in turn, enhance the application and effectiveness of soft skills.
Why are soft skills so important in the 21st century?
What are the benefits of using NXTLVL for my school?
What type of schools use NXTLV?
What are the age requirements for NXTLVL?
Where does NXTLVL fit within a school?
I want to try the NXTLVL experience. Is this possible?
Do you offer Teachers Professional Development programs?
What is the cost of NXTLVL?
What are your Educational Facilitators’ qualifications?
How does NXTLVL work exactly?
Can our teachers facilitate NXTLVL sessions on their own?
Do kids need special equipment to participate in NXTLVL sessions?
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