Kids are remarkable,
their education should be too.

The future is out of this world

Our lives are changing faster than ever before. Between technological leaps and scientific breakthroughs, kids will face a fundamentally different world to the one we know. They’ll take on jobs that don’t exist yet, and face challenges we’re only starting to understand. To thrive, they’ll need to develop different skills to the ones we learned in school. And they need to start now.

Education is stuck in the past

Traditional education hasn't kept pace with the speed of change. Kids learn to:

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    memorize, when they could learn to question

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    prioritize success, when they could learn through failure

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    copy from textbooks, when they could learn from real life

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    find safety in similarity, when they could celebrate difference

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    work alone, when they could learn to succeed together

It’s an approach that has barely changed in decades. To prepare kids for a changing world, it needs a radical rethink.

Preparing kids for 2050, not 1950


We can’t predict the future, but we know it will be full of challenges with no right answers. To navigate them, kids need to learn how to tackle complex problems, make intelligent decisions, collaborate in uncertain environments and own their outcomes.

We call these future-critical skills. Kids can’t learn them from textbooks, they develop them through practice. But traditional education doesn’t make time for it. They need a new space to learn. And a new way to practice.

How to think, not what to think

This is why, based on years of research and deep work at the best universities in the world, we have created an innovative, online learning experience where kids develop by doing these future-critical skills.

Our complex games immerse kids in different ways of thinking. While playing, kids practice important mental models, including first principles thinking, probabilistic thinking and systems thinking.

This collaborative, game-based approach prepares them for the novel situations they will face in the future, while engaging their curiosity. They learn because it’s fun. And because it’s fun, they want to learn.

It’s the experience we want for our own kids.
It’s what we promise to every student who enrols with us.

Join us on our mission


Meet our team
We’re a mighty and passionate team of educators, entrepreneurs and parents on a mission to revolutionise our kids’ education. Collectively, we’ve done cutting edge research and work on innovative education and game-based learning at MIT and Harvard, built successful technology startups, led large creative teams and have reimagined an education reality as remarkable as our kids.

Konstantinos Papazafeiropoulos

CEO & Co-founder


Naida Kardas

Head of learning


Vanna Cotzia

Head of Psychology and Facilitation


Mike Beall

Head of Game Design


Carlos Person

Head of Game Development


Leonidas Tsementzis



Jennifer Groff



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